Chapter 1088

Theo sighed in relief. Falling 80 floors in an elevator was no joke. Although Nash was strong enough to save himself, it would definitely affect his mood. “I’m that unlucky bastard!” Nash sat on the luxurious couch and tossed the sack on the ground. “What? M-Mr. Nash, are you okay?” Theo asked worriedly. “I’m fine. No one got hurt, but I’m just curious. With so many big shots coming to the Great Eastern Tower today, why isn’t there anyone in the building to maintain order? Are they that confident that no one would dare cause trouble in the Great Eastern Tower?” Nash was confused as to how someone could tamper with the elevators in a place like this, especially when so many big names were coming to participate in the auction. The Great Eastern Tower’s reputation would definitely be ruined after what happened today. “The Great Eastern Tower is the territory of the four major Chambers of Commerce. They stated a long time ago that if anyone dared to cause trouble in the Great East

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