Chapter 1089

Eva shooed them. “Get out. Make sure it doesn’t happen again!” The two women nodded and left the office. As soon as they left, a woman in a blue evening gown walked over. Her eyes sparkled like stars, and her skin was as smooth as butter. There was an ethereal aura about her. Eva immediately stood up and said, “Ms. Roxy…” “The matter is under control for now. You must pacify the daughters of the Lowe and Jackson families!” The woman’s red lips moved, but she spoke without any emotion. “Yes, Ma’am!” Eva lowered her head, and when she looked up, the beautiful woman was gone. … Nash got out of a hot shower. Although he had washed up in Theo’s private plane not long ago, Lana and Sienna had wet his pants in the elevator earlier. How embarrassing would it be if he did not wash off the smell? He wondered what expressions those two aloof young ladies would have the next time they met. Just as Nash threw his pants into the washing machine, his pupils constricted, and his heartbea

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