Chapter 1090

Nash gritted his teeth, trying to break free from the rope. The more he struggled, the tighter the rope became. The masters of the Mystique Loyalty Realm who people looked up to were powerless in the face of spiritual weapons. “Second, is the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron with you?” “I’m not telling you!” Nash’s face was glum. It was simply humiliating. He never thought that he would fall into the hands of a woman. “Nash…” Suddenly, Sienna’s voice sounded from outside. The door was unlocked, so Sienna gently opened it. She had changed into a school uniform while Lana had changed into pajamas. Both of them still had wet hair. “Um… Ropes? Role-playing? Nash, I didn’t think you were into this stuff.” Sienna gaped at him. Both of them exchanged glances and returned to their own rooms with red faces. 'I'm doomed!' Nash wailed inwardly. His reputation was ruined “Roxy, you'd better let me go before I get angry!” Nash said with a cold face. Roxy did not turn around. She said in a

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