Chapter 1091

The couch and coffee table flew upside down. The chandelier on the ceiling was crumbling, and there were a lot of cracks in the walls. Roxy spat out a mouthful of blood. Finally, she broke the spiritual rope around her body. She left the room in a flash and chased after Nash. … Theo's face turned pale. He quickly took out his cell phone to contact the president of the Chamber of Commerce. Of all the people that Nash could mess with, he chose to provoke the president of the Levitate Chamber of Commerce. Did he not know that the president of the Levitate Chamber of Commerce was the proud daughter of a certain sect? It seemed that Mr. Calcraft was not informed. At this time, Nash had already arrived outside the building. As the reporters attempted to take photos of him, Nash covered his face and ran away. Roxy chased him outside the building's door, but Nash was nowhere to be seen. She closed her eyes. Her mental power instantly enveloped a five-kilometer radius. However, Nas

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