Chapter 1092

The girl's eyes dimmed a little as she said this. It seemed that she never had a chance to get close to good-looking men. Nash smiled and said, "You helped me, so now it's my turn to fulfill my promise!" The girl was slightly startled. "What promise?" "I'll heal you!" "My condition is congenital hyperandrogenism. Even the best hospital in Munford couldn’t fix me!" The girl did not take Nash's words to heart. Her parents spent all their money to treat her to no avail. She had already given up treatment. Nash put on the storage ring he snatched from Roxy and took out a set of silver needles with his mind. "Believe me!" Nash said seriously, "Roll up your sleeves!" The girl looked into Nash's gaze. She rolled up her sleeves after hesitating for a few seconds. Nash picked up the silver needles and pricked them into the girl's skin. The silver needle trembled slightly, and heat flowed through the girl's limbs. She looked at Nash in surprise. "Are you… really a doctor?" Her p

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