Chapter 1094

Nash was still a little nervous in the car. If he had solely stolen Roxy's storage ring, she might not have been so angry. However, he happened to discover her little secret. She probably wanted to kill and silence him now. Nash was not completely sure he could defeat a Profound Oriental Realm expert. Theo seemed to understand Nash's worry and said with a smile, "Nash, don't worry. Among the four major Chambers of Commerce, the Levitate Chamber of Commerce is at the bottom. "If she dares to take action at the auction house, the other three major Chambers of Commerce definitely won’t sit idly by!” "Do you think I'd be worried?" Nash glanced at Theo with a cold expression. Theo chuckled. "No, no, my dear Nash is invincible!" … At 8:00 pm, Nash and others arrived at the Great Eastern Tower. Sienna and Lana got out of the car and strode into the lobby. Theo's expression darkened. "These two ladies are so rude. How dare they walk in front of you, Nash?!" The Lowes from Capito

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