Chapter 1095

The attendant took out his walkie-talkie and muttered for a while. About five minutes passed. Then, Eva came to Nash. She was not wearing a mask, but she could not recognize Nash either. After all, Nash was dressed in cheap clothes and was wearing a mask. Eva took a deep breath and gently held Nash's arm. "Sir, please follow me to the high-end passage!" Nash felt the softness on his arm and felt a little stunned. However, this beautiful woman seemed to be in poor health. There was a tumor in her gland. Eva took Nash to a single door. She unlocked it with her fingerprint. There was a long passage behind the door. There were dozens of beautiful women standing on both sides. All of them had top-tier dazzling looks that could rival a popular celebrity. Of course, Nash could only see two rows of thermal imaging figures and smell the faint womanly fragrance. After a while, Nash was taken into a huge private room by Eva. In the private room, there were three Profound Reality Rea

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