Chapter 1096

Nash only cared about the price. The two elders looked at each other. The Great Eastern Tower had never auctioned so many medicinal pills, which were rare. They were considered valuable but had no market. There was no way to set a price for these third-grade medicinal pills. Eva suggested, "We can put out a pill for auction first. When the final price is determined, we can then take out the same pills and sell them at the same price!" The two elders frowned slightly and gave Eva a death stare. Eva's face turned pale. She quickly lowered her head and kept quiet. She was just an account manager. Her position was only slightly higher than that of the receptionist. With her position, she should not interfere in the conversation between the Chambers of Commerce elders and customers—let alone give suggestions to the customers. Nash smiled and said, "I had the same thought. Just follow this method. How much commission will you take?" "10%!" "5%!" Nash started to bargain. 10% was

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