Chapter 1097

At the same time, all the Mystique Loyalty Realm experts at the auction site restrained their auras. Those Profound Oriental Realm experts even used talismans to hide themselves. "Girl, are you bullying my beloved disciple?" Johnathan asked with a smile while stroking his beard. "I wouldn’t dare, Master Calcraft!" Roxy's voice was trembling. She was so scared that she almost cried. She thought, ‘Why hasn’t this Grim Reaper who swept through all the major sects ascended yet?’ Johnathan laughed. "Girl, your master would've told you that before he died, right?" Roxy's face turned slightly red. Then, she bit her lip and nodded. After Johnathan pondered for a moment, he then said, "I know you have a lot of doubts in your heart, and I also know what you want to ask. In fact, you’re right. Your master isn't dead yet, and there's only so much I can tell you!" With that, Johnathan slowly disappeared. The light array on the ground also gradually dimmed. "Master…" Nash stood up from t

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