Chapter 1098

Every patient of his did not believe in his medical skills. No amount of explanation would help. "I believe in you, Mr. Calcraft!" Eva lowered her head and started to unbutton her clothes with both hands. She whispered, "Mr. Calcraft, can you close your eyes?" The corner of Nash's mouth twitched. "I'll eventually see everything later. To me, you're just a patient!" Eva's face turned red, and she quickly took off all her clothes. Her hands were still covering her chest. Nash raised his hand and used a flame to heat up the fruit knife until it turned red. Eva suddenly gained confidence in Nash’s medical skills as she watched his procedures. Nash asked her to lie on the couch. He then took out a silver needle to seal off her pain nerves. After that, he stuck a silver needle into her sleep meridien, causing her to fall into a deep sleep. Immediately afterward, he began to use the fruit knife to perform surgery. … About five minutes later, the auction began in the main room. Th

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