Chapter 10

Upon hearing that, Hera adjusted her mindset and went to see Helena with Nash and Skadi. In the general manager’s office, Helena was casually sitting in Hera’s office chair. She was playing with her diamond ring that cost 700 grand on her hand while spinning in the chair. Hearing footsteps outside, a playful smile appeared on her lips. Hera walked into the office and calmly looked at Helena, asking, “You wanted to see me?” Helena did not rush to answer but instead looked at Nash, who was dressed in a tailored suit. After his makeover, Nash had a charisma and appearance that rivaled Kai. A hint of jealousy flashed in Helena’s eyes. “I didn’t expect a useless person like you to look somewhat presentable in a suit…” Nash looked at Helena with a cold gaze and said, “Watch your mouth. Yesterday, I let it slide because of our engagement, but now that there’s been a change, I won’t mind teaching you a lesson on behalf of Mr. Lewis if you continue with your insolence!" He was not like Hera, who would swallow her pride when insulted by Helena. This was a warning. It would not be so simple next time! Helena slammed her hand on the desk, about to explode in anger. However, she remembered her father’s words from last night. The assassins sent out were definitely not handled by Skadi. Both Hera and Nash appeared at the same time yesterday. It was highly likely that Nash was the one who killed those professional assassins. Seeing Helena angrily pounding the table, Skadi sneered and said, “Ms. Helena, this isn’t Rococo. We won’t tolerate your arrogance…” As she spoke, she twisted her neck and cracked her knuckles, making a bone-cracking sound. Hera gained confidence from the situation and stepped forward, saying, “Please get out of my seat…” Helena stared coldly at Hera. Perhaps it was because of the trauma Helena had given her in the past few years, Helena’s chilling gaze made Hera’s heart tremble. However, as soon as she thought about Helena meddling with her business, a strong and assertive aura gathered in her gaze as well. The two cousins locked eyes, neither giving in to the other. Nash minded his own business. He casually folded his legs and had no intention of intervening. Hera had no position in the family before, which led to her cowardly personality If she wanted to establish herself in the business world, she had to toughen herself up. After 30 seconds of staring at each other, Helena slowly stood up from the chair. With Nash and Skadi present, she did not dare to push her luck too far. She had ruined her engagement with Nash, and Grandpa would surely focus his attention on Hera. From her point of view, Hera was nothing more than a dog that relied on others. Hera sat in her chair, looking calmly at Helena as she said, “If you have something to say, spit it out. If not, please don’t disturb me while I'm working!” Helena secretly adjusted her mindset, and a faint smile appeared on her heavily made-up face. “Hera, Yates Group has canceled their collaboration with Baroque. Your profits next month will probably be in the negative, won’t they?” It was she who had orchestrated the cancellation of the cooperation between Yates Group and Baroque through her boyfriend. To the eldest son of the wealthiest family in Jonford, Mr. Yates was nothing. Her purpose in coming to Baroque was to witness her younger cousin in despair. “You’re not cut out for doing business. You might as well change professions! Since you took over Baroque, the profits have been declining year after year. Grandpa’s health is already poor, and if things continue like this, he’ll eventually be driven to his death by your whole family!” Helena continued to provoke Hera with her biting and sarcastic remarks, causing Hera to tremble with anger. Just when Hera was at a loss, her phone on the table vibrated It was a message from her mother. After reading the message, Hera took a deep breath and lifted her gaze, saying, “Baroque doesn’t have just Yates Group as our client. While it’s regrettable to lose a client like Yates Group, we'll have new clients!” “New clients? Baroque’s chips have long fallen behind the times. Besides a few car and phone companies still producing old-school products, who else needs your family’s chips?” Helena’s face was beaming with a smile, and the corners of her heavily made-up eyes formed crow’s feet. Hera’s lips curved into a light smile. “You don’t have to worry about that, dear cousin. Drake Group has decided to place an order for a batch of car chips from our company!” This was a client that Hera’s mother had brought in through the Mare family’s connections. Although the partnership had not been fully confirmed yet, it still gave her great hope. “Drake Group? I remember now, you have an uncle who works as a business manager at Drake Group! It must be Lauren who humbly pleaded with the Mare family to secure this order, right? But still... don’t get too excited! I forgot to tell you, Kai has a close relationship with the eldest son of Drake Group!” After saying this, Helena swayed her slender waist and walked away. What she meant was obvious. Her collaboration with Drake Group would be impossible! “Helena…” Hera stood up with red eyes while trembling. There was fear and anger in her eyes, but more than anything, there was helplessness. Her mother had been driven out of the Mare family, and she could only imagine the sacrifices her mother had made for this collaboration. If Helena continued to let Kai meddle in this, all of her mother’s efforts would be in vain. Helena stopped at the door. Then, she turned around and looked at Hera with a smile, saying, “Do you need anything else, dear cousin?” Hera’s lips trembled, and she was unable to utter a word for a while. Helena could see that Hera had already lost, and she felt extremely relieved. In a calm and unhurried manner, she said, “If you want to complete that collaboration with Drake Group, it’s not impossible. Just kneel down and beg me…” “Helena Lewis, you’re asking for it…” Skadi could not bear it any longer. Hearing Helena ask her best friend to kneel down and beg, she exploded with anger and clenched her fists as she rushed forward. “Get lost!” It happened in the blink of an eye. A young man outside kicked open the office door. The red door immediately slammed into Skadi. Skadi’s fist punched through the door, but there was a dislodgement at her shoulder. Her right hand and shoulder were dislocated. Skadi frowned, holding her shoulder as she looked at the young man. This young man had silver hair, and he wore a white suit and oversized sunglasses. He was one of Kai’s top ten ruthless subordinates—Albino. At only 24 years old, he had already won three championship titles in the International Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Competition. The explosive force in that kick just now was enough to prove that his strength was not inferior to her grandfather’s. “Skadi…” Hera, who was pale-faced, came to Skadi’s side. Her lips trembled, and her mind went blank. Skadi gritted her teeth and forcefully adjusted her shoulder with her left hand. She managed to reset the dislocated bones herself. She moved her right arm and looked fearlessly at Albino. Although she knew this person was very powerful, she could not show any fear. With Nash here, she believed that Nash would eventually take action. This was the first time Helena had seen Albino make a move. When she saw Skadi’s arm getting dislocated by Albino in one move, a look of delight appeared on her face. If she had known how formidable Albino was, why would she have relented to Hera earlier? “Have you made up your mind, dear cousin? As long as you kneel down and beg me, I won’t hinder the cooperation between Baroque and Drake Group!”

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