Chapter 11

Helena looked at Hera with the posture of a victor. The contempt in her eyes grew stronger. She wanted to crush Hera’s dignity and let her know who the future of the Lewis family truly belonged to. Nash’s deep gaze fixed on Hera, curious to see how she would handle the pressure that Helena had brought upon her. Hera stood motionless in her spot. She did not want her mother’s efforts to go to waste. Even if she gained her grandfather’s attention, what good would it do? Even if Nash knew martial arts, what difference would it make? The pressure of being the target of the wealthiest family in Jonford was simply too much for them to bear! Even the Mares, where her mother came from, were nothing but ants before the Watsons. She slowly took a step toward Helena, each step feeling like she was walking through a muddy swamp. It became immensely heavier. From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of disappointment on Nash’s face. Hera felt a bitter pang in her heart. Perhaps she should not have acted impulsively yesterday. If she had not proposed to marry Nash, he would not have come to the office today. He would not have to witness her being humiliated. It took Hera a full minute to walk four or five meters forward. Skadi gritted her teeth and said, “Hera, you can’t kneel… Perhaps you can afford to lose your dignity, but what about Uncle and Aunt? Have you considered them at all? And Nash... do you want him to be unable to hold his head up in the entire Lewis family?” Her hysterical screams left her voice hoarse. Then, she looked at Nash, “Nash, do you want your fiance to kneel before another woman? Are you still a man?” Nash remained calm, completely unaffected. He had only known Hera for a day. Whether she was using him to gain the family’s attention or for other reasons, he still had an incomplete understanding. Moreover, since Hera wanted to take the lead, she had to learn to face pressure and dominance. If she could not handle even a woman, how would she face stronger business rivals in the future? Was she going to ask Skadi for help and consult her parents every time she encountered difficulties? Judging from the current situation, Hera seemed to have compromised. Nash walked outside in silence. He was unwilling to witness Hera kneeling down. Just as Nash passed by Albino, Albino tilted his head and looked at Nash, sneering, “Is she your woman?” Nash remained silent and continued walking ahead. Albino chuckled. “You can’t even protect your own woman. You’re more useless than trash!” Nash ignored him and reached the door, where he took out a cigarette and lit it. He took a deep drag. A crisp sound of a slap echoed from the office. Nash felt his heart tightening. He was only fulfilling the marriage contract under his master’s orders. Why did he feel bad for her? Could it be that he had truly developed feelings for this woman? Nash squinted his eyes, suddenly feeling a wave of guilt. “You... How dare you hit me, you b*tch?!” Helena’s heavily made-up face now had a clear slap mark. Her rosy lips were slightly smeared with foundation. She stared at Hera in disbelief, raging anger surfacing in her eyes. “You’re asking for it…” Albino’s face twisted with a sinister expression as he suddenly grabbed Hera’s throat, lifting her off the ground. This woman had clearly compromised, so she should have kneeled on the ground. He never expected Hera to suddenly slap Helena. He was ordered to protect Helena, and now the person he was supposed to protect was slapped by a seemingly weak woman right in front of him. If this got out, how would he continue to live under Mr. Kai’s command? “You bastard, let Hera go…” Skadi lunged forward in a swift step, trying to maneuver a flying kick. Albino snorted coldly and kicked Skadi back, sending her flying. Skadi crashed into the office desk. Computer files were scattered all over the floor. At this moment, Hera’s face turned red, and veins were bulging on her forehead. Her nails fiercely dug into Albino’s wrist and the back of his hand, leaving deep crimson scratch marks. Albino turned his head to Helena. “You won’t mind if I kill her, right, Ms. Helena?” Helena, full of anger, replied, “Kill her. Kai will cover our backs!” Upon hearing this, Albino increased the strength in his hand. However, in the next second, he found all his strength dissipating. At some point, another hand appeared on his wrist. Nash had a cigarette in his mouth and used his other hand to strike fiercely. A palm strike made Albino release his grip on Hera. Hera fell to the ground, stumbling toward the floor. Nash extended his leg and supported the back of Hera’s neck, then he gently placed her on the ground. Albino looked at Nash in disbelief. “Who... Who are you?” Nash blew a smoke ring and plunged his severed right hand into his right shoulder. Blood splattered everywhere. It was a gruesome sight. “Ahhh…!” Albino let out a horrifying scream, his face twisted in pain. Nash’s knee then struck Albino’s abdomen, completely destroying his navel region before forcefully throwing him toward the window. The window shattered, and Albino fell from the third floor onto the hard floor. After struggling a couple of times while hunched over, he lost consciousness. Helena was dumbfounded. She stared blankly at the bloodstains on Nash’s face while trembling with fear. “Ah…!” 30 seconds later, she screamed and ran outside. Nash flicked the cigarette butt and used his finger to flick the shattered window fragments away before walking toward Hera, who sat on the ground in a daze. He did not expect such a twist in the outcome. Hera, who had seemingly lost all courage, actually slapped Helena in the end. This indicated that she had overcome her fear of Helena. Nash felt satisfied in his heart. He slowly extended his right hand, which was still stained with blood. Hera looked up at Nash and placed her hand in his palm. He pulled her up forcefully and said with a faint smile, “Congratulations on breaking through yourself!” Hera lowered her head and cried, “How can you still smile? We might really end up sleeping on the streets…” She knew very well what her slap meant. Helena would surely have Kai stop the collaboration between Drake Group and Baroque. As a result, Baroque would go bankrupt next month. Seeing Hera in tears, Nash found her pitiful. He gently pulled her into his embrace and softly said, “With me by your side, you won’t ever sleep on the streets!” Hera hesitated for a moment, then looked up at Nash and asked, “Really?” “Well, I can take you to sleep in motels!” “You’re so annoying!” Hera clenched her fist and punched Nash in the chest. In the corner, Skadi emerged from a pile of documents, grinning and saying, “I almost broke my waist, and you two are still in the mood to flirt around?” Hera immediately left Nash’s embrace and ran toward Skadi, asking, “Skade, are you okay?” “Heh… I won’t die so easily!” Skadi leaned against the wall and bent her waist. A cracking sound came from her body. In an instant, she broke out in a cold sweat on her forehead. At the same time, a gleam of determination flickered in her eyes. Albino was at least a Stage Nine expert. However, in Nash’s hands, he did not even have a chance to retaliate. Nash was lethal with a single move. Who exactly was this guy? Hera took out her phone and made a few calls. Soon, members from the maintenance and environmental departments came to clean up the office. She took Skadi to the medical room to treat her injuries. Nash walked to the corridor and dialed Chatty Skye’s number. “No wonder I was woken up early this morning by magpies chirping. So, Nashy was going to look for me…” “Do you know about Drake Group?” Nash quickly interrupted Theo’s words. This guy just could not stop sycophanting.

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