Chapter 12

“Jonford’s Drake Group?” “Yeah!” “That’s the new energy car company my grandfather invested in and created years ago. He didn’t want it anymore, so he handed it over to my father-in-law. If you’re interested, I can have my father-in-law give it to you!” “No. I just need Drake to support Baroque Group!” Nash said indifferently. “Understood!” Nash hung up the phone and returned to the meeting room. Hera happened to come back with Skadi. Looking at the few new band-aids on Skadi’s face, Nash could not bear it and said, “I think you should go home and recuperate for a while!” Skadi’s Stage Four power was simply too weak. That Albino guy was probably at Stage Nine. Since he killed Albino, the Watsons would definitely not let it slide. After all, they were the top wealthiest family, and they might even bring forth some grandmasters. With Skadi’s power, even self-defense would be difficult, let alone protecting Hera. Skadi looked at Nash with caution and said, “What? Are you already sending me away so soon? You don’t trust me to protect Hera?” If Nash had acted earlier, she would not have been beaten to a pulp. She could not trust Nash with Hera’s safety. Nash smiled and said, “From now on, I'll be responsible for Hera’s safety!” “You?” Skadi looked at Nash with dissatisfaction. “I don’t believe you’d…” “Suit yourself. You’ve seen it too. The assassins who attacked Hera yesterday were professional killers. The bodyguards around Helena now are all Stage Nines. With your strength, you can’t protect Hera at all!” Nasih put his hands in his pockets and said in a casual tone. “Don’t underestimate me... Our Martial Arts Association also has Stage Nine grandmasters…” “Skade, why don’t you go home and rest for a few days? Come and protect me when your injuries have healed!” Hera helped Skadi tidy her hair and gently persuaded her. “Boo-hoo... Do you dislike me now?” Skadi, pretending to be dramatic, cried with a touch of grievance in her voice. “I don’t dislike you at all. When I saw that you got injured, I felt hurt too!” Hera held Skadi’s hand and explained. “Fine!” Skadi stopped crying and then stared at Nash, saying, “Take good care of Hera. If I see that she’s lost weight in a few days, I’ll bring the entire Martial Arts Association to hold you accountable!” ... In the CEO's office of Watson Group, Helena sat on the sofa and cried aggrievedly. The young man sitting on the office chair was on a phone call. Upon hearing the news of Albino’s death, he only frowned slightly. “I see. Recently, a large number of secret guards from the Northern territory have entered Jonford’s territory. It's likely that important figures will come to Jonford. You must not act recklessly!” “Understood, Mr. Kai!” After hanging up the phone, Kai pinched the bridge of his nose. After a moment, he looked at Helena again and asked, “Are you sure Albino didn’t even have a chance to fight back?” Helena nodded, choking up as she said, “I’m sure. Albino didn’t have a chance to fight back before Nash twisted his arm, then pierced his shoulder with his arm. Finally, he threw Albino out of the window. The whole process took less than ten seconds!” As she spoke, a deep fear appeared in her eyes. She stood up and walked toward Kai, acting spoiled, “Darling, you must get your hands on Nash. I want him to suffer!” “What’s the origin of this Nash guy?” Kai frowned. He had spent a lot of money to hire ten experts, and any one of them could take on 30 special forces soldiers single-handedly. Plus, Albino had won the International Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Competition three times consecutively. Being able to deal with Albino in ten seconds indicated that this person’s strength was unfathomable. “He’s just a country bumpkin who came from the countryside. He came to my house yesterday, dressed like a beggar!” Helena worried that Kai would be jealous, so she did not dare to mention that Nash almost became her fiance. “There are talents among the common folk. You should stop underestimating people!” Kai glanced at Helena indifferently. “Come on... I got it already! Darling, Drake Group wants to cooperate with Baroque. You must help me stop them…” Helena wrapped her arms around Kai’s neck and whispered in his ear. Kai embraced Helena and spoke in a magnetic voice, “You’re my woman. Of course, I’ll help you. But you have to give me a kiss first!” Helena blushed and kissed Kai with her hand around his neck. ... In Baroque's subsidiary, Hera really did not know what position to assign Nash. With Yates Group out of the picture and the hope for collaboration with Drake Group basically shattered, the company would soon face layoffs. “Didn’t a few security system maintenance engineers just resign? I think I can handle this position!” Nash lazily sat on the sofa, lifting his eyelids slightly as he looked at Hera, who had a troubled expression on her face. “What?” Hera was initially taken aback, then she furrowed her brows and said, “You mean a security guard?” She had not realized that Nash had a witty and humorous side to him. “But you’re my fiance. If I make you a security guard, what will others think of me? Besides... you’re so skilled in martial arts and even have medical skills. It would be a waste to make you a security guard!” Hera propped her face up with both hands and said helplessly. Nash smiled and continued, “It’s settled, then. I’ll be your driver and part-time security guard. Consider my salary as repayment for the money you spent on buying clothes for me!” Hera flipped through the resignation application forms that had been sent by the HR department, and her gaze stopped at the words 'security manager'. “The position of security manager is also vacant. You can take up that role, and you’ll be responsible for the security projects of the entire company. The monthly salary is 1,200 dollars! Oh, and... the money for buying clothes was from my mom. You’re not allowed to mention it again in the future!” Before long, the former security manager came to sign the resignation letter. Hera insisted that the security manager hand over his work to Nash, or else she would not sign the letter. Reluctantly, the security manager took Nash to familiarize him with the work environment. As Hera watched their receding figures, a look of concern gradually appeared on her face. At that moment, the phone on the table vibrated. It was a call from her mother. Hera immediately became nervous and took a while before she gathered the courage to answer the phone. “Mom... Has Grandpa’s condition improved?” “Is Nash there?” “He just went out. What’s wrong?” “Your grandpa has been unconscious since last night. He was brought to the hospital this morning and diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. He kept calling Nash’s name while unconscious. You need to bring Nash to the city hospital as soon as possible!” Lauren said with a heavy tone. “Stomach cancer? Advanced stage?” Hera widened her eyes in disbelief. “Weren’t the previous hospital visits for regular stomach problems? How did it suddenly become advanced stomach cancer?” Lauren sighed. “Mr. Dean was your grandpa’s comrade when they were young, and he told us your grandpa hid his condition from us to avoid worrying us!” Hera felt as if all her strength had been drained, and her phone slipped from her hand onto the office desk. Although her grandpa had always valued Helena, he was still her grandfather. Advanced stomach cancer was tantamount to a death sentence. Regaining her senses, she urgently found Nash, and the two of them rushed to the city hospital in a hurry. Hera stepped on the gas frantically, gripped the steering wheel tightly, and constantly maneuvered through the traffic on the road. Nash held onto his seat belt tightly with a rare look of panic on his face. “Hera... Lewis... P-Please don’t worry for now. I can treat advanced stomach cancer!”

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