Chapter 13

“Now is not the time for jokes…” Hera was not in the mood to joke around with Nash now. She knew that Nash had some medical skills. However, her grandfather had already been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. At present, there was no medical technology in the world that could cure advanced-stage cancer. 20 minutes later, Hera’s car stopped in the parking lot of the city hospital. Nash let out a relieved sigh. That was even more thrilling than when he helped a group of international mercenaries drive a tank five years ago. As soon as they got out of the car, they saw someone pacing back and forth at the entrance of the hospital. Hera rushed over in a hurry. “Dad, Grandpa, he…” His eyes were red, and he said in a hoarse voice, “It’s not looking good. He probably won’t make it through tonight!” When Nash approached, Harrison looked at Nash and said, “The old man keeps calling your name as if he has something to tell you!” Nash had already heard Hera mention it before. He also guessed that Herman probably wanted to tell him about his origin. They followed him to a ward in the oncology department. Herman was wearing an oxygen mask, and the curve on the heart rate monitor jumped extremely slowly, with a strong smell of death emanating from his body. Compared to yesterday, Herman seemed to have aged 20 years overnight. Nash furrowed his eyebrows. Something was not right! How could his condition become so severe overnight? A faint light flashed in his eyes, and he instantly saw through the old man’s body. The malignant tumor in the stomach had ruptured, and his entire chest cavity was filled with tumors. The tumor the old man had yesterday was not this severe. Even if the cancer cells had spread, it would be impossible for the entire chest cavity to be filled with them overnight. Nash narrowed his eyes, and a mission from five years ago came to his mind. Five years ago, his master arranged for him to go to Dallard to collaborate with local mercenaries to strike a biochemistry laboratory and rescue a fellow countryman who was an experimental subject in the laboratory. That laboratory had a biochemical agent that could accelerate cell growth. The accelerated growth and spread of cancer cells in the old man’s body indicated that someone had injected him with that forbidden biochemical agent. “Grandpa…” Hera, with red eyes, held her grandfather’s hand and looked at the lifeless old man, unable to hold back her tears. Harrison leaned over to Herman’s ear and whispered softly, “Dad... Nash is here!” The old man’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and then his vacant eyes slowly opened. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Harrison pressed his ear against the old man’s mouth but could not catch a single word. “Dad…” Hubert stumbled into the ward with a chubbier woman by his side. “Dad... how are you doing?” Hubert walked to the hospital bed in tears with a distraught expression on his face. The chubby woman also pretended to wipe away tears that were not there and sobbed, “Dad... you can’t die... This family can’t be without you!” Sighing, Hubert said, “I can’t make out what Dad wants to say at all!” “Dr. Tanner, please come in!” An old man in a white coat respectfully brought in an elderly man dressed in traditional clothing who was carrying a wooden box in his hands. “Dr. Tanner!” Lauren’s face lit up when she saw the elderly man. Dr. Brian Tanner was a miracle doctor. He was Jonford’s number one physician and the vice president of the Jonford Traditional Medicine Association. He was one of the most influential traditional medicine practitioners in the country. He possessed extraordinary healing skills and was capable of curing diseases with his medicine. Brian was over 70 years old, and his silver hair was combed back. He had a ruddy complexion and sharp eyes and did not have a single wrinkle on his face. He looked at Lauren and then at Mr. Dean, asking in surprise, “Were you two talking about the same patient?” Lauren realized that Mr. Dean had also invited Dr. Tanner to treat her father-in-law. Mr. Dean was also taken aback. Did old Lewis’ daughter-in-law also know Miracle Doctor Tanner? “Dr. Tanner, the situation is urgent here. Please help me take a look at my father’s condition!” she pleaded with a mournful face. Brian walked to the bedside, opened the old man’s eyelids to take a look, and then grabbed his wrist to check his pulse. After a moment, his brows furrowed. As soon as he frowned, the hearts of the Lewises and the others also hung in suspense. Nash looked at Brian and felt like he had seen him somewhere before, but he could not recall it for a moment. After all, since the age of 13, Nash had been sent out by his master to earn money. Over the years, he had traveled far and wide and encountered countless people. “Sigh… You should prepare for the funeral arrangements!” Brian shook his head and sighed. It was terminal cancer. In today’s world, apart from his master’s master, there was no second person who could cure it. “Boo-hoo... Grandpa…” Hera threw herself into her mother’s arms and burst into loud sobs. She closed her eyes in heart-wrenching pain. Hubert and his wife directly knelt on the ground, tears streaming down their faces. “All of you go out first. I’ll treat his illness!” Nash interrupted everyone’s crying. Upon hearing Nash’s words, Hera trembled all over. What the hell was this guy trying to do? Did he say that he could cure this incurable disease in front of Miracle Doctor Tanner? Was this not a slap in Dr. Tanner’s face? Lauren and everyone’s gazes converged on Nash’s face. “Nash, do you even know who Dr. Tanner is?” Hubert smirked coldly. “Does it matter who he is in relation to me treating Mr. Lewis?” Nash walked to the bedside. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, he happened to stand in front of Hubert, who was kneeling on the ground. Hubert’s face turned black, and he immediately stood up and reprimanded, “You ignorant fool, you don’t even recognize Dr. Tanner! My dad's cancer cells have spread throughout his body. Even Dr. Tanner is powerless. How does a country bumpkin like you dare to speak so arrogantly?” Brian casually glanced at Nash. “Let him give it a try. Maybe he’s some hidden master.” It was not that he looked down on people, but this man was too young, and the patient’s cancer has already spread throughout his body. Apart from his master’s master who was comparable to a Terrestrial Immortal, there was absolutely no other person in the world who could treat this. Mr. Dean frowned. “Who is this young man? Why have I never seen him before?” “He… He’s my son-in-law, Nash!” Harrison introduced him with a red face. What was this kid doing? Even if he wanted to boast about his medical skills, he should not do it in front of Dr. Tanner! “Is he studying medicine?” Mr. Dean asked again. “I don’t know either!” Harrison lowered his head, his voice becoming more and more uncertain. “Isn’t this just nonsense, then?” Mr. Dean snorted coldly and looked at Nash. “Young man, you'd better leave. You’re not welcome here!” It was with great difficulty that he managed to hire Miracle Doctor Tanner, and this kid offended him with just a few words. It might not be so easy to invite Dr. Tanner again in the future. “I don’t feel like wasting time with you all!” Nash glanced lightly at Mr. Dean, then took out a cloth bag full of patches from his trouser pocket. Upon slowly opening the cloth bag, the inside were two rows of snake-shaped needles of varying lengths. The moment Brian saw these snake-shaped needles, his pupils suddenly contracted, and he felt as if he had been struck like lightning. Snake-shaped needles of varying lengths. There were 24 of them. Were they not… his grandmaster’s Divine Needles? “Such youthful arrogance, looking down on everyone! Linda, go call security and kick him out!” Mr. Dean was furious. Immediately, a young nurse behind him started to head out. “Wait!” Brian tremblingly stopped the young nurse from calling security. If this person possessed the Divine Needles, he might be the descendant of his grandmaster. Should he address him as his grandmaster? Mr. Dean frowned. “Dr. Tanner... This…” Brian was already drenched in a cold sweat, his mouth dry and his tongue tied as he said, “Let... Let him give it a try…”

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