Chapter 14

Divine Needles… Brian had only heard about them from his master. His master had heard about them from his master. His master had followed his grandmaster to study medicine for 20 years and had only witnessed it once. It was said that during that time, the grandmaster used Divine Needles to revive a dead person. Brian had never imagined that he would be able to see Divine Needles with his own eyes in his lifetime. Nash waved his right hand over the needle bag, and all 24 golden needles were lifted and suspended in the air by an invisible force. His palm flattened, and the 24 snake-shaped needles rapidly rotated above his palm. Controlling needles with inner energy! The kid could actually control the needles with his inner energy! Brian’s heart roared, his eyelids twitching uncontrollably. His throat felt like it was being scorched by a raging fire. Even his master had not learned how to control the needles with inner energy, and this young man in front of him had already mastered it? He could now be certain that this person was the grandmaster’s descendant. Nash controlled the needles with his right hand and flicked his left finger. A golden needle, like a living small golden snake, swam irregularly toward Herman’s chest. The needle pierced the middle of Herman’s chest and trembled slightly. Next, Nash continuously flicked out one needle after another. All 24 golden needles were pierced into Herman’s body. All the needles trembled, generating heat and stimulating the trigger points. Cancer was one of the most difficult and incurable diseases, and only the Divine Needling Technique could cure it. Divine Needles looked like gold but they were not. Even so, Nash did not know the exact material. He only knew that Divine Needles could effectively kill cancer cells. Having the property to kill cancer cells alone was not enough. It was also necessary to precisely control the Divine Needles and target the corresponding points. The 24 golden needles varied in length, resulting in different levels of heat and therapeutic effects. In summary, the Divine Needling Technique was extremely complex, and even with his exceptional talent, it took him a full six years to thoroughly master it. “It’s incredible! I never thought such a mysterious method existed in the world!” Mr. Dean widened his eyes and muttered to himself. The hospital also had a traditional medicine department, and he often saw experienced doctors in the department using dry-needling and moxibustion to treat patients. Nonetheless, he had never seen such peculiar methods of dry-needling. Even so, Mr. Dean still had some doubts. Was there really a miracle doctor in the world who could cure cancer patients? See, this was a terminal illness that even Miracle Doctor Tanner was helpless against. If he could really succeed, it would surely cause a sensation in the entire medical and scientific community. Hera’s beautiful eyes were fixed on Nash’s slender figure, and she whispered softly, “He wasn't lying to me. He... He can really cure Grandpa’s illness…” Lauren tightly gripped Hera’s arm, her pitch-black eyes shimmering with brilliance. She had not misjudged Nash, after all. If her daughter married Nash, the Lewises would definitely rise to the top. “This kid... Does he really possess heavenly medical skills?” Even Harrison, who had vehemently opposed his daughter marrying Nash before, could not help but gasp in awe and look at Nash with admiration. Mr. Dean and Dr. Tanner were the towering figures in the medical field of Jonford, and Nash, with his exceptional needling technique, thoroughly impressed the two of them. If Nash could cure the old man, his reputation would spread far and wide. On the other side, Hubert's and his wife's eyes were flickering, and there was cold sweat on their foreheads. They clenched their fists, seemingly very worried about Nash curing the old man. Time passed minute by minute. The curve on the heart rate monitor became more active, with each beat exhibiting strong amplitude. After about half an hour, the old man’s heartbeat returned to the normal rate of an average person. A hint of rosiness appeared on his originally lifeless face. Nash waved his big hand and used internal energy to retrieve the 24 golden needles. Just as Nash was putting all the needles back into the needle bag, the old man on the sickbed suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The oxygen mask was stained with a reddish-brown color, and fragments of flesh could even be seen. “Grandpa…” “Dad…” The faces of Hera’s family turned pale, and they anxiously surrounded him. Seeing this, Hubert breathed a sigh of relief, and a cold smile crept onto his lips. ‘Thinking that he can cure advanced-stage cancer, does he really consider himself a reincarnation of God?’ “Nash... What did you do to Dad?!” The chubby woman walked angrily to Nash’s side and shouted. She did not attend the family meeting yesterday, and after hearing that Grandpa had bought Nash and Hera a villa in Royal Bay, she could not sleep all night. Seeing Nash, she felt intense anger rising within her. “All that blood and rotten flesh are dead cancer cells and tumor fragments. Grandpa is fine now. He just needs some rest and he'll wake up! Moreover, the accelerated spread of the cancer cells in Grandpa’s body was caused by someone injecting him with some kind of biochemical agent!” Nash’s sharp gaze swept toward Hubert. Apart from Hubert, he could not think of another suspect. “What... What do you mean?” Hubert felt the chill in Nash’s gaze, and his muscles involuntarily tensed. The chubby woman could not contain her anger and said, “You bastard, you actually suspect Hubert of poisoning his dad?!” Nash narrowed his eyes, looked down at the chubby woman, and coldly said, “Watch your mouth. I’m only warning you once!” The chubby woman took two steps back, clearly overwhelmed by Nash’s aura. Brian furrowed his brows and looked at Lauren, asking, “Madam Mare, when did old Lewis’ condition worsen?” “It was probably around four or five o’clock in the early morning,” Lauren replied. “So, were you taking care of Mr. Lewis last night?” Brian continued asking. “The first half of the night, he was taken care of by Hubert and Sister-in-law. The second half was, Harri and I took care of him!” Lauren said coldly, pointing toward Hubert and his wife. If what Nash said was true, then it must be Hubert and his wife who had done something. Brian looked meaningfully at Hubert and his wife. “The biochemical agent that this miracle doctor mentioned does exist, and once injected into the body, it takes effect within four hours. “From the time the agent takes effect to the complete spread of the cancer cells, it should take about five hours. So, Mr. Lewis was injected with the biochemical agent during the first half of the night!” As a well-known expert in the field of traditional medicine, Brian still vividly remembered the shocking experiment that had shaken the world. “You beast…!” Harrison’s eyes turned red, and he clenched his fist and swung it toward Hubert. The punch landed squarely on Hubert’s cheek, leaving him disoriented and staggering back a few steps. He looked up and roared, “Harrison Lewis, have you gone mad?” Since childhood, Harrison had always obeyed him unquestioningly. If he asked him to stand, he would never dare to sit. Yet today, Harrison dared to lay hands on him. “Not only will I lay my hands on you, but I will also kill you…” Harrison pounced, seemingly wanting to vent decades of suppressed anger. Mr. Dean furrowed his brow. “Be quiet in the ICU!” Hera quickly stepped forward to stop Harrison. Her eyes were red as she said, “Dad, please stop…” Harrison halted his steps, angrily glaring at Hubert. He said, “Hubert, you'd better give me an explanation for this, or else it won't be over between us…” As soon as he finished speaking, the door was suddenly pushed open by two well-dressed bodyguards. Helena entered with a dozen imposing men. “Uncle, what kind of explanation do you want?”

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