Chapter 15

Helena stared coldly at Harrison. Her chilling tone caused the temperature in the entire ward to drop several degrees. Seeing his daughter bringing people with her, Hubert suddenly felt more confident and straightened his posture, saying, “Yes, what kind of explanation do you want?” “Did you give the agent to Father?” If it were in the past, Harrison would have definitely retreated upon seeing so many people, but today, he showed no fear. His eyes locked onto his older brother as he questioned him. “I didn’t… Yesterday, during the first half of the night, I... I was playing poker with some of our uncles. I thought Dad would sleep until the morning after drinking too much, so... I asked Hannah to help take care of him!” Hubert knew he was in the wrong, and his face turned red as he explained, not daring to meet Harrison’s gaze. “Dad, why bother explaining so much? Let’s just leave. I want to see who dares to stop you today!” Helena coldly scanned the people in the room, and the bodyguards behind her bristled with aggression. These elite bodyguards were all arranged for her by Kai, each of them possessing formidable Stage Five strength. Helena approached Hubert and whispered, “Kai invited us to dinner tonight, so we need to hurry back and get ready!” The overweight woman’s eyes brightened. “Mr. Kai has decided to meet us?” Kai was the eldest son of Jonford's’ top family, someone they could usually only see on television or on their phones. Now, not only did they have the opportunity to meet in person, but they might even have dinner together. How could that not be exciting? Upon hearing that Kai wanted to treat him to a meal, Hubert also felt delighted and immediately said to Harrison, “Harri, we have something to attend to, so we’ll leave first. Since your son-in-law is skilled in medicine, we’ll entrust Dad to you guys!” After saying these words, he walked out without looking back and followed his daughter. The old man had spent all his money buying the Royal Bay villa, and he had very little money on him. With cash cow Kai as his son-in-law, why would he still need to fight for the family assets? At this moment, Brian had already walked up to Nash’s side. He put his hand on his heart and smiled, “Young brethren, did you just use the Divine Needling Technique?” Nash had his hands in his pockets and casually glanced at Brian before nodding. Brian continued to ask, “Are you from Tili Mountain?” Nash nodded again. Suddenly, Brian knelt down on both knees, respectfully putting his hands on his heart. “Your disciple, Brian Tanner, pays respects to the grandmaster!” Everyone present was instantly dumbfounded. What... on earth was happening? The renowned Miracle Doctor Brian Tanner actually called Nash 'Grandmaster'? “Are you Thomas King’s grand disciple?” Nash lowered his gaze and asked Brian, who was kneeling in front of him. Before him, his master had taken in two other disciples. They were his two martial brothers. The eldest martial brother was Thomas King, born in the late 1900s. His medical skills were unrivaled in the world. He served as a royal physician in the king’s court and passed away six years ago at the age of 125. The second martial brother was Francis Dunn. The master had only mentioned this name before, and every time he did, he would sigh deeply. Nash had visited the forest where his second martial brother used to live, and there were many old peach wood stakes and training equipment on-site, indicating that the second martial brother must have practiced martial arts. “Yes, I grew up under Master King’s guidance!” Brian’s eyes were slightly red. “Master King’s dying wish was to meet his junior martial brother and his master…” “You can get up now!” Nash stepped forward and helped Brian up, then sighed, “Six years ago, Master took me to visit my eldest martial brother!” No wonder Brian looked familiar before. Six years ago, when Master calculated that the eldest martial brother’s time was near, he took Nash down the mountain to visit him. It was only after seeing them that the eldest martial brother passed away, having fulfilled his final wish. Mr. Dean took a while to recover his senses. It was no wonder this person possessed such heaven-defying medical skills at such a young age. It turned out he had a martial-brotherly relationship with the renowned medical saint, Thomas King. If they could keep this person in the hospital, Jonford Hospital would surely become famous. Thinking of this, he smiled and said, “I have a pack of well-preserved tea that I’ve cherished for many years. Why don’t you two come to my office for a chat?” Brian nodded in agreement, “The chief of the hospital is known for being a master of tea ceremonies. The tea he's been collecting must have its unique qualities." However, Nash was unyielding and said, “I don’t have time today. Maybe another day.” Mr. Dean’s face turned somewhat awkward. He was the head of Jonford Hospital, and Brian was a heavyweight figure in the field of traditional medicine. They jointly invited a young person in his 20s to have tea, only to be rejected. Moreover, they did not dare to show any displeasure. Nash came to the bedside and began a pulse diagnosis for Herman. Hera held her mother’s arm and frowned. “Mom, do you believe what Uncle said?” Lauren thought for a moment and said, “Although your uncle has bad character, I don’t think he would go so far as to harm his own father!” Harrison said, “Could it be Hannah?” Lauren glanced at Harrison. “Hannah has been with the Lewises for over 20 years. She’s usually so down-to-earth. Do you think she’d dare to poison the old man?” “That’s true... I’ll ask my uncles later. Hubert definitely can’t escape suspicion!” Harrison said with a grim face. “You’ve truly impressed me today!” Lauren stared at Harrison with a look of gratification. She truly did not expect Harrison, who had always been bullied by his brother, to take action today. It must be said that the punch he threw was truly satisfying. Hera saw her parents engrossed in a conversation, so she let go of her mother’s arm and walked toward Nash. Nash had just finished the examination and turned around to meet Hera’s sparkling eyes. Hera’s face turned slightly red as she asked, "Has my grandfather’s cancer really been cured?” Nash smiled and said, “There shouldn’t be any problem. If you’re not confident, you can leave your grandfather at the hospital for observation for a while!” Hera looked up and stared into Nash’s eyes, saying, “Nash, thank you so much!” Nash raised an eyebrow and asked, “Is that all the thanks I get?” Hera was momentarily stunned, then she smiled and said, “Then shall I treat you to a big meal tonight, okay?” Nash leaned down and whispered in Hera’s ear, “Can’t I eat you instead?” His warm breath brushed against Hera’s ear, and her fair face turned red. She lowered her head and dared not speak any further. “Nashy, when will my dad wake up?” Harrison walked over and asked at that moment. “Probably tomorrow!” “In that case... s-should we leave Dad at the hospital or take him home?” Harrison could not decide and awkwardly asked Nash for advice. “You should take him home for recuperation and also investigate who the culprit is!” Nash could not quite figure out Hubert. When he was treating Mr. Lewis, Hubert seemed extremely nervous. He appeared to be worried that he would cure Mr. Lewis and expose something. However, when Hubert explained that he could not have poisoned him, he was extremely earnest, even showing a sense of grievance and anger in his eyes. Combining these two points, it could be inferred that Hubert wanted Mr. Lewis to pass away quickly but was too afraid to personally administer the poison, so he found someone else to do it… That woman, Hannah, who was pushed forward by Hubert, was unlikely to be the culprit either. Thinking of this, Nash suddenly looked up and said to Harrison, “Hannah is in danger…”

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