Chapter 16

Harrison's expression changed, and he immediately fished out his phone to call Hannah. However, no one answered. Lauren glanced at the time. "It’s 15 minutes past five. Hannah should be picking up her nephew at this time!" “She usually brings her phone along…" Harrison replied in a deep voice. After saying that, he called another nanny. "Maria, where's Hannah?" "Oh… She…" On the other end of the line, Maria sounded like she was choking on her sobs. "What is it…" Harrison asked anxiously. "Just now… the school called. Hannah… She got into a car accident..." "Is it serious?" Harrison's face was increasingly gloomy. "Hannah and her nephew died on the spot!" On the other end of the phone, Maria burst into tears. Harrison put down the phone slowly. He turned on the speakerphone so everyone could hear. With a pale face, Lauren said, "Nashy, you and Hera take care of Mr. Lewis. We’ll go back to have a look!" Hannah had been a nanny to the Lewis family for more than 20 years, aft

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