Chapter 17

Walter said with a hand over his heart. Mr. Dean took a deep breath. 11 million. That was equivalent to Jonford Hospital’s profits for one quarter. Dr. Tanner's consultation fee was only slightly over 28,000 dollars. If he earned 11 million, that was equivalent to about 390 transactions. Brian responded with his hand over his heart as well and said, "I'll inform him about this, but don't hold out too much hope..." His grandmaster was a man of cold temperament. He seemed somewhat unreasonable, so he was not sure if he could convince him. Walter thought of the man who was over a hundred years old and could only nod with a wry smile. "I’m sorry to trouble you, Dr. Tanner..." … At the Lewis Estate, a group of family members was in the yard. Two corpses, one large and one small, were placed on the ground on two stretchers. The older one was in their 50s and the younger one was only seven or eight years old. After Nash checked the corpses, he sighed helplessly in his heart. The a

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