Chapter 18

Hera was so anxious she almost cried. Nash was really unreliable! If she had known earlier, she would not have stood up and made a fool of herself. Nash turned to look at the several law enforcement officers at the side. "Are there any results from this case?" A middle-aged law enforcement officer in his 40s said, "It's a traffic accident. The driver was drunk and didn’t manage to stop the car in time." Immediately after that, the female law enforcement officer beside him gave more detailed information, "The driver is 42 years old and has 20 years of driving experience. He was driving a small truck from a renovation company at that time, and it was filled with construction materials..." “Has the driver gone through a physical examination?" Nash asked. The middle-aged law enforcement officer replied, "His alcohol test indicates that he was drunk driving... Only those who don’t cooperate with us for the alcohol test get sent to the hospital for blood tests..." Cain sneered. "You

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