Chapter 1101

Theo’s eyes narrowed as he shouted, “Four billion!” Jay looked at Theo coldly. "Theo, are you sure you want to compete with the Kleins for this pill?" The Kleins had suffered great losses among their martial artists. While they had quite a few stage nine great-grandmasters, they were all stuck at a bottleneck. The family’s main purpose in participating in this auction was to purchase resources to help their family’s martial artists cultivate. Jay was determined to obtain this Gold Essence Pill no matter what. Theo took a deep breath and replied, "Mr. Klein, you’re aware of my family’s current state as well. If we don't stabilize our martial power soon, we'll likely be squeezed out of the top ten families." Jay snorted coldly. "Then let's see who has more money!" With that, he entered a bid of four and a half billion on the bidding device. "Someone in Earth Box Two bids four and a half billion! "Someone in Earth Box Two bids five billion billion! "Someone in Earth Box Two bids

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