Chapter 1102

"The next item we're auctioning is a Dragon Phoenix Pendant! Its origin and quality are ominous. After being identified by the Profound Oriental Realm experts of the four major Chambers of Commerce, it was determined that it doesn’t belong to this world!" A pendant appeared on the LCD screen, engraved with images of a dragon and a phoenix. Nash's teacup suddenly shattered in his hand. This pendant was exactly the same as the token his master had given him when he left the mountain. Herman should have given it to Hera after he received it. "Mr. Calcraft, what's wrong?" Eva noticed Nash seemed somewhat agitated and could not help but look at the pendant on the display screen. A hint of astonishment flashed in her eyes. Was that pendant not a personal accessory of Roxy’s? Why would it be auctioned off? "Starting bid, two billion. Each bid must not be less than 500 million!" Immediately, someone in the audience stood up and asked, "Excuse me, is this a spiritual artifact?" If it wa

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