Chapter 1103

It had been so awkward that Lana wished she could find a hole to hide in. If she had known that would happen, she would not have attended this auction. "I... I haven't figured out how to repay Mr. Calcraft yet!" Lana's face was as red as a tomato. Sienna giggled. "Why not offer yourself to him?" Lana rolled her eyes. "Mr. Calcraft already has a wife!" If Nash did not have a wife and was willing to accept her, it would not be out of the question. It would tie a Mystique Loyalty Realm powerhouse to the Lowe family and her grandparents would surely be thrilled. Her family's status would also rise significantly in Capiton. "Someone in Heaven Box Nine bids 3.5 billion! "Someone in Heaven Box 15 bids 4 billion! "Someone in Room 2 bids 4.5 billion! "Someone in Room 1 bids five billion!" "Oh my god... Someone in H-Heaven Box Nine bids a hundred billion!" The host was shouting hysterically now, his eyeballs almost falling out. Everyone in the hall turned toward the ninth room on the

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