Chapter 1104

Roxy's face turned cold. Since Nash dared to steal her storage ring, she would make sure he forked out everything he had—principal and interest included! "Someone in Heaven Box Nine bids 50 billion!" Finally, Nash added ten billion. In the next second, however, Heaven Box 15 followed suit with another ten billion. "Someone in Heaven Box 15 bids 60 billion! "Someone in Heaven Box Nine bids 65 billion!" Nash felt like giving up. Most of the people in the Heaven Boxes were from sects. If he provoked them, he might bring trouble upon himself. In the secular world, Mystique Loyalty Realm powerhouses were revered by thousands. However, they were nothing before those in the Profound Oriental Realm. "Miss, it looks like the person in Heaven Box Nine won't bid anymore," the maid said softly. Rozy replied, "Ask Elder Gold to lend him 60 billion with an interest of ten billion!" The maid was slightly stunned, but then a smile appeared on her face. "65 billion going once! "65 billion

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