Chapter 1105

"Hello, this is Nash. I'd like to borrow 60 billion.” "Nash?" Sam's tone carried a hint of surprise. "Is this the same Nash who Theo knows?" Nash murmured in affirmation. "I can do that, but the interest will be 10%." Nash smiled wryly. "Sorry for the trouble." With that, he immediately ended the call. After returning the phone to Eva, Nash looked at Bruce expressionlessly and said, "I don't want the Dragon Phoenix Pendant anymore. Please give it to the person in Heaven Box 15. I'll cover the five billion difference!" The person in Box Room 15 had only bid 60 billion, while he bid an extra five. Since he could not come up with the money now, he naturally had to make up for the five billion difference. Seeing Nash's gloomy expression and hearing his disappointed tone, Eva said apologetically, "Mr. Calcraft, I'm really sorry I'm not able to help you.” Nash smiled but said nothing. He already guessed that Roxy was behind this. He had only taken a billion of her cash, and now she w

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