Chapter 1106

On the surface, Eva looked calm. She was, after all, the customer service manager at the Great Eastern Tower. She often dealt with influential figures from all walks of life. She had developed a strong mental fortitude. However, she found herself repeatedly challenged today. Bruce was a supreme powerhouse feared even by the leaders of the four major Chambers of Commerce. He was treated as an esteemed guest by the Ten Families of Capiton. Despite that, he was now actually lowering his head and admitting his mistake to Nash. "I appreciate your kindness. I also understand where you’re coming from. However, I don't like owing favors. After the auction ends, I'll definitely repay the interest," Nash said respectfully. Once an arrow was shot, it could not be retrieved. If Bruce had shown this attitude from the beginning, perhaps Nash would have been able to befriend him. However, Bruce's attitude only changed after he learned about his ability to refine fifth-grade pills. He valued only

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