Chapter 1107

A QR code appeared on all the LCD screens at the venue. The guests took out their phones to scan it. Those in the Heaven Boxes could purchase items through the touchscreen LCDs directly. After a moment, a countdown appeared on the screen. "Ten! "Nine!" … "One!" When the countdown reached zero, everyone frantically tapped their phones. Even the elders from the reclusive sects in the Heaven Boxes were poking at the LCD screens crazily. "What? Sold out in 0.8 seconds?" "I failed to snatch up anything?" … The venue erupted into noisy complaints. In Heaven Box One, a young woman in a robe grinned foolishly as she looked at the number of pills in her shopping cart. She had managed to snatch three Elixirs of Youth, six Gold Essence Pills, and ten Vitality Nourishment Pills. "Aren’t I amazing?" the woman turned to look at a young man with gentle, flowing hair. "You even used the Shadowless Hand Technique, so of course." The young man smiled indulgently. Three minutes later, a bea

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