Chapter 1108

Eva leaned toward Nash nervously. She had seen these people before. They looked to be from the Limitless Sword Sect, the largest sect among the reclusive sects. "Senior, this young man seems even more extraordinary than you!" A beautiful woman in white shifted her gaze away from Nash and looked at her senior. Nash was surprised. His Longevity Technique should conceal his aura. How did she detect his cultivation level? With a ding, the elevator doors opened on the 98th floor. The man in white made a gesture of invitation. “After you, sir.” Nash did not hesitate and stepped out of the elevator. Just as he was about to return to his room, the man in white suddenly asked, "Would you care to join us in our room for a chat?" "I’m not interested," Nash replied without looking back as he walked down the corridor. The beautiful woman blinked her watery eyes and smiled sweetly. "Senior, he’s an interesting young man!" The man in white smiled gently and said, "So what if he's in the later

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