Chapter 1109

"Who gave you the pendant?" Nash asked. "Who do you think?" Roxy looked at Nash with a smirk. Nash's pupils contracted slightly. It seemed that what his master had told Roxy in the room was related to the Dragon Phoenix Pendant. "This pendant was given to me by your master,” she replied casually. “I need this pendant to locate the last piece. All four pieces of the pendant are needed to enter Dream City." She crossed her arms and added nonchalantly, "I hope to have the pendant so that I won't have to run around." Nash hurriedly took out the Dragon Phoenix Pendant and tossed it to Roxy. He did not have time to search for the other pendants now. Roxy caught the pendant and then turned around, leaving the room with her hands behind her back. “50.5 billion, not bad." Nash gritted his teeth in frustration. He thought Roxy was just simply inflating the price, but now it seemed like she had gotten away with a fortune. Essentially, she had swindled him out of 50 billion. However, he v

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