Chapter 1110

Nash glanced at Jay and immediately wrapped his arm around Sienna's waist. Sienna trembled as she snapped her head to look at Nash in disbelief. A beautiful blush appeared on her face as her heart raced. When Jay saw this, he could not contain his anger and shouted, "Nash, take your filthy hand off her!” He spent 3.5 billion just to get Sienna's contact. How dare this useless guy make a move on her directly? Jay hurried over with one Mystique Loyalty Realm and three Profound Reality Realm powerhouses. He glared at Nash, veins bulging on his forehead. His eyes were almost spewing fire. "Do you not understand what I just said? I told you to take your hand off her!" Nash, feigning surprise, looked at Sienna. "Are you engaged to him?" Sienna blushed and shook her head. "No..." Nash then lazily looked at Jay and said, "You’re not engaged, so what are you yapping about? I've met plenty of shameless people but none as shameless as you!" During the auction for the Map of Splendid Mount

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