Chapter 1111

The other two Profound Reality Realm experts trembled with fear. Jay finally understood why his grandfather had told the family not to provoke Nash for the time being. He never expected this guy's strength to have reached such a level. Nash stepped toward Jay, an endless cold light flickering in his eyes. "Nash..." Sienna stood in front of Jay anxiously, her voice trembling as she said, "You can't kill him. The Klein family won't let you off if you do!" "Get lost!" Nash pushed Sienna aside. Then, he raised his hand, and a sword aura pierced through Jay's chest. The other two Profound Reality Realm experts exchanged glances before trying to escape. Nash waved his sword, and their heads fell to the ground. Sienna and Lana were already shocked silly. They thought Nash was only trying to provoke Jay. They did not expect him to kill him. The Klein family was third among the Ten Families of Capiton! Theo sighed softly. "The situation in Capiton seems to be rapidly developing." Si

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