Chapter 1112

While Nash and Theo dined at the Millennium International Hotel, news of Jay's death reached the Kleins in Capiton. In the Kleins’ ancestral hall, the family head, Josef, and his elder brother, Julus, were sitting on high seats. The expressions of the many Klein members varied greatly. Some were gloating, while others were crestfallen. Only Jay's biological parents were kneeling on the ground, crying bitterly. Silence fell as Marvin Klein entered the hall. "Brother… Please accept our condolences," Marvin patted Martin's shoulder, his voice low and hoarse. His eyes were red, and there was deep sorrow within them. He was not grieving for Jay's death but for the two Profound Reality Realm experts Jay had brought with him. His family had lent them to Jay. To him, their value surpassed Jay’s. "Father, you must seek justice on my behalf!” Martin moved forward on his knees and knocked his head on the ground repeatedly. Jay was his only child, and now Nash had killed him. He had to see

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