Chapter 1113

"Julus, calm down… I..." Josef was about to speak when an elderly man dressed in a robe with a long braid entered. "The remnants of the Young family must be exterminated!" Anger flashed across the faces of the youths of the Klein family. Only members of the family's direct lineage could participate in a meeting in the ancestral hall. Who was this old man? "Elder Wells! You've come out of seclusion!" Julus stood up and lowered his head. Josef also rose and lowered his head while leaning on his cane. "Greetings, Elder Wells!" The youths were dumbfounded. "Who is this old man? Even Grandpa Julus treats him with so much respect.” "Look at his long braid, he must be a formidable figure!" Someone looked toward Jaime Klein, the spokesperson of the family's youths. "Jaime, do you know this elder?" The others also cast curious glances at him. Jaime was the son of Marvin Klein, the eldest son. As the heir to the family, he knew many secrets that others did not. "He's my master, Gerolt We

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