Chapter 1114

Edwin hesitated for a moment before picking up the phone and answering the call. Josef's indifferent voice sounded from the other end, "Edwin, I heard Lana and Nash are getting close." Edwin chuckled. "Is that so? I haven't heard about it." "Edwin, there's something I must tell you. Nash is the son of the Warden of the Northern Territory.” Edwin's expression changed slightly, but he felt a surge of excitement inside. If Lana could use Nash to get to the Warden, then the Jackson family would gain an ace. Suppressing his excitement, Edwin cleared his throat before saying, "I suppose you didn’t call me just to tell me about this?” Josef chuckled. "Philix Xing's real name is Wolfgang Young.” Edwin felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He abruptly shot up from the couch, shocked and incredulous. "H-How is that possible?!" The Young family had been burned to ashes. It was almost certain that no one survived! "You're worried that with Lana and Nash getting too close, the Jackso

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