Chapter 1115

"Lana, are you... really okay?" Sienna noticed that Lana was in low spirits and asked again. Lana shook her head gently and then finished the remaining half glass of liquor on the table in one gulp. Nash did not pay attention to Sienna and Lana. His gaze wandered to the clouds outside the window. "Theo, I killed Jay Klein. Will your family be affected?" The Kleins knew he was a descendant of the Young family. Now that he had killed Jay, it meant he was at war with them. He was worried that the Klein family would retaliate against the Skye family. "The Ten Families all have political backgrounds. They wouldn’t dare touch us so easily," Theo replied as he savored the fruits handed to him by the beautiful flight attendant. His lecherous eyes narrowed on her full chest. "That's good," Nash simply said. Regardless, if something happened to the Skye family, he would immediately rush over with just one phone call. "Nash, I think you were too impulsive today. The Klein family’s power is

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