Chapter 1116

"How did this happen? Everything was fine when I left, wasn't it?" Olivia's face turned pale. "The villa in Wallis District was under construction, but your grandfather insisted on going to see it. I couldn't persuade him otherwise, so I had to take him there. You know how excited he gets when he's in Wallis District." "Alright, I understand. Mr. Calcraft is in my car. I'll take him there immediately!" Olivia hung up the phone and realized she had misspoken earlier. She quickly looked at Nash in the rearview mirror. "Nash…” "Take me there to see him," Nash said calmly. Olivia had always helped him and Hera. If her grandfather was in trouble, he would naturally lend a hand. Moreover, Olivia’s father was also his father's mentor. He should be calling him 'Grandfather' too. … Half an hour later, they arrived at the Lee family's manor. Nash checked the old man's injuries. He was suffering from a severe cerebral hemorrhage. Fortunately, Nash arrived in time. Otherwise, Oliver would

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