Chapter 1117

The call ended. Nash listened to the busy tone on the other end of the line, somewhat speechless. Fabian and Melody were both trusted by the Young family, and they both possessed top-notch business acumen. He had been thinking about trying to match them up. … At Innovate Collective, Hera, dressed in professional attire, walked out of her office. She saw Melody's cold expression. She walked up to her and asked, "Melody, what's wrong?" Melody shook her head. "I'm fine." Hera smiled gently. "The only person who can make you so angry must be your young sir, right?" Melody shot Hera a complicated look and then repeated what Nash had just said. She thought Nash was worried about entrusting the Universal Foundation to Fabian and so came to her to learn more about him. She did not expect him to play matchmaker! "Melody, let's go to my office and talk," Hera said lightly while looking at Melody. Then, she turned around and walked toward her office. Melody looked at Hera's back in aston

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