Chapter 1118

Melody smiled and said, "Hera, you're overthinking. I do have some feelings for Nash, but it's not to the point of liking him.” Hera smirked. "Is that so?" Melody lifted her head and looked directly into Hera's eyes. "Yes. I won't say I've never liked him, but at least I don't like him now!" Perhaps it was because she realized she was starting to like Nash that she so desperately tried to escape from her feelings. Ever since the incident when she saved the baby but neglected the Warden, which resulted in her being reprimanded by Nash, her affection for him had diminished significantly. Hera and Melody talked for a long time in the office until it was almost time to leave. Melody went to the restroom while Hera returned to her desk to send emails. As soon as she sat down, she furrowed her brows together and forcefully slapped her chest. ... At Royal Bay Villa, Nash was on the phone with Ash, who informed him that there did not seem to be many people on Black Wind Mountains. Na

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