Chapter 1119

"Mr. Calcraft, you possess the aura of an emperor. The Kleins and Jacksons can't stop your rise!" Lana replied while her gaze fixed on him. "Oh?" Nash’s eyes narrowed to slits. The so-called aura of an emperor that Lana mentioned referred to a kind of fate or destiny. It was intangible and elusive. Even with a Third Eye cultivated to its fullest extent, it would remain unseen. Lana was clearly an ordinary person, so why could she see the aura of an emperor? Sensing Nash's confusion, Lana explained, "When I was five years old, I gained some strange memories—including the ability to read auras.” Nash's mind was in turmoil. Aura reading was a divine technique. As for her gaining some unfamiliar memories at the age of five... Was Lana perhaps the reincarnation of some powerful being? His master had mentioned reincarnated individuals before. They were practitioners who had mastered the art of reincarnation, perhaps in pursuit of the ultimate Path or to make amends for regrets from the

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