Chapter 1120

"Mr. Calcraft, I hope you’ll keep your word,” Lana said softly. "Since you've agreed to be my slave, you should address me as Master," Nash said expressionlessly. Lana bit her lip and whispered barely audibly, "M-Master... I hope you can keep your word!" “Have you heard of a soul contract?" Lana shook her head in confusion. Although she enjoyed studying ancient texts, she had never heard of a soul contract. Nash smirked. "A soul contract is a spiritual covenant. I can scatter your soul with a mere thought, so you must wholeheartedly obey me!" Lana's pupils contracted slightly, but she quickly concealed her surprise. In fact, she even looked a little eager. "What do I need to do?" “Close your eyes and relax your body. Do not resist in any way." Following Nash's instructions, Lana closed her eyes and relaxed every muscle in her body. Nash pricked his finger and drew a complex symbol on Lana's forehead. With the final stroke, a blood-red symbol appeared in Nash's mental realm. S

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