Chapter 1121

Hera looked at Nash with wide eyes. "What's wrong with me?" She was feeling a little nervous. She did not have some terrible sickness, did she? Nash, so excited he could hardly contain himself, wrapped Hera in a big hug. His voice shook as he said, "We're about to start a whole new adventure!" A new adventure? Hera was puzzled for a moment, but then it hit her. "You mean... we're going to have a baby?" She had been wondering, actually. She had been feeling sick and throwing up a lot lately. Plus, her period was super late. Nash nodded his head like crazy, bursting with excitement. "Yeah, I'm going to be a dad, and you're going to be a mom!" Hera's heart skipped a beat, and she held Nash's hands even tighter. Melody beamed with joy. "Congratulations, Young Sir!" Sienna was jumping up and down, thrilled. "This is amazing, I want to be your child's godmother!" "Godmother?" "What godmother?" Just then, Harrison and Lauren walked into the living room, looking totally confused

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