Chapter 1122

Sienna was worried she hadn't given enough and quickly said, "That's for your son. I'll write another one for your daughter!" She reached for her checkbook to write down the amount. Hera quickly grabbed Sienna's hand. "It's not too little; it's actually too much!" Most people could not earn a million in a lifetime, let alone 200 million. Yet Sienna was ready to give that much to children who had yet to be born. Was this typical of the Capiton elite? To the Capiton Lowe family, 200 million might be a drop in the bucket. It was what Sienna could earn for starring in two movies. Melody pulled out a check stamped with Universal Group's seal from her purse, filled it out, and handed it to Hera. "This is my gift for the baby!" "400 million?" Hera's breath quickened. "Melody... This... This is way too much!" Sienna's 200 million was already a lot. Now, Melody was giving double that. Was it normal among these people to give gifts by the billions? "Hey... are you trying to make me

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