Chapter 110

Skadi huffed, "Grandpa, why is that guy here?" Zakariah glanced at Skadi. "What did you think we were waiting for?" That was when Skadi realized what was happening. "Nash is Dr. Calcraft who's treating the Warden?" When she first heard of the name Dr. Calcraft, she was confused about when did Jonford get another Dr. Calcraft! When Nash arrived, all eyes were on him. Father Cillian and Father Lloyd included. When the two of them looked at Nash, Nash returned the gaze. Cillian smiled and nodded. Nash ignored it as he turned away and walked into the villa. "Damn... that kid is so rude..." Lloyd crinkled his nose and said, "Master Calcraft was so polite when he came to Quiet Winds Church!" Cillian scoffed, "If you had the strength of the Profound Reality Realm, you'd be cocky too!" Lloyd was shocked. "Pro... Profound Reality Realm?" The Profound Reality Realm was the realm for those after the stage nine grandmaster. It was rumored that the former Martial Mas

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