Chapter 111

It had been a long while since a steady blip had appeared on the heart rate monitor. Outside the estate. Cillian stared at the expanse of sky stretching toward the West. The General Star had, at the end of the day, fallen. Rumble rumble! A loud clap of thunder rumbled, seemingly to send off the highly decorated god of war. Multiple large, dark clouds also appeared in the sky. The day turned to night in an instant! Gusts of winds blew from all directions while sheets of rain poured down. It was as if the sky was in mourning as well. Cillian sighed. “Heaven’s will cannot be disobeyed!” Jade, Henderson, and the heads of all Five Elite Families shuddered. Zakariah’s hands, which were at the small of his back, slowly slid downward. A look of bewilderment also appeared on Skadi’s charming face. She found it hard to believe that the warden of the Northern Territory, who had been making merry conversations at the Lee family’s home yesterday, was now deceased. The warden

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