Chapter 112

Stellar was a man who did as he said. He took his pistol and aimed it at Howard’s head. Howard shuddered in fear when he saw the black-colored muzzle. No one had ever dared point a gun at him in the past seventy years he had been alive. Yet now, he did not have the guts to lose his temper when a gun was pointed at him. Deep within his heart, he knew without a doubt that not only did Stellar dare point a gun at him, but he was also brazen enough to pull the trigger and kill him. “Colonel… sir… I… I…” Howard stuttered, unable to form a complete sentence. The poor had no power over the rich, and the rich had no power over the government. Although he held extremely powerful positions in Jonford, they were nothing in comparison to the power the Northern Territory’s colonel had. For the sake of his life, he had no choice but to admit defeat. “Get the hell out!” Stellar roared. Howard hurriedly left the room with his family’s guards. While that was going on, Nash had

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