Chapter 113

The pouch held 81 copper coins. After giving them a shake, the 81 copper coins combined together to form a three-foot-long copper sword. The cassock. The golden-colored amulet. Heaven and earth. A shocked look appeared on Cillian’s previously neutral face. Lloyd could not help but shudder. Nash stared deep into Cillian’s eyes as he asked cooly, “Can’t I be Master Calcraft?” His master had passed down all his skills to him since the year he learned to walk and talk. He had been three years old when he started learning. His third eye was activated, and the Apocalyptic Star had entered the Palace of Fate. The year he turned fifteen, he had helped multiple villages in the North solve the paranormal problems they were facing and received the golden-colored amulet from the National Association of Priests. A thought seemed to strike Cillian as he asked in shock, “Are… are you Master Calcraft?” Many years ago, an extremely talented young master surprised everyone with

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