Chapter 114

Hera immediately replied, “What’s the matter?” Skadi’s hands were trembling, and she decided to send Hera a voice message instead. “Your boyfriend is a golden amulet master!” “What’s that?” “I have no clue either, but I know it means he’s incredibly powerful. Even Father Cillian of the Quiet Winds Church has to bow to him when they meet!” “Really?” “Yes! I saw it myself!” When Zakariah saw his granddaughter happily talking to Hera, he could not help but smile sadly while dispelling his thoughts. Stellar gazed at the warden, who was lying amidst the offering bowls, and wiped away tears of happiness. Nash had been concentrating on the sketch he was making on the parchment paper when his grip on the brush suddenly faltered. The red-colored ink immediately left a massive red dot on the parchment paper. Brian asked hesitantly, “Grandmaster… why do you seem… uneasy?” Stellar turned to look at Nash when he heard that. “I sense a murderous aura!” Nash balled up the parch

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