Chapter 115

When Skadi opened the door, she was greeted by the sight of the corpse of one of the grandmasters from the Martial Arts Association. “Mr. Cox…” Tears streamed down Skadi’s face when she saw the familiar face. She did not have time to wallow in her sadness though. She hurriedly yelled toward Stellar and the others, who were still outside, “Colonel, come into the mansion…” Stellar shook his head, “No, I must stand guard outside!” Henderson yelled, “Colonel, let’s hurry on in. We are no match for these people…” Stellar said angrily, “I made a promise to Nash. Unless I’m dead, no one will be able to…” Bang! Skadi used the side of her palm to land a strike on Stellar’s neck. She was a martial artist who had reached fourth-division inner energy after all. It was pretty easy for her to knock an ordinary person out. Henderson and Joseph picked Stellar up and dragged him back into the mansion together. Grant hurried back into the mansion and immediately retrieved his phone to

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