Chapter 116

Joseph and Grant immediately shut their eyes. Brian ducked behind the couch and gripped it tightly before shutting his eyes. Three shadows appeared above Philix’s body. The shadows belonged to his soul. All thirty-six offering bowls had lighted candles in them, and the flames began swaying uncontrollably. Ghostly cries could be heard coming from all directions. The thunder outside grew even more intense, and it even struck the roof. Thankfully, a lightning rod had been installed on the roof, and the lightning was redirected to the ground. Nash sat unmoving on the ground as countless dark shadows swarmed toward him. “Leave…” Nash barked out an order as his yellow-colored robe began glowing. The shadows flew backward. When they came into contact with the ground, they disappeared. An invisible force yanked Skadi toward the ceiling. Then, she got thrown onto the ground. A frosty look appeared in Nash’s eyes as he grabbed a piece of parchment paper from his tote bag

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