Chapter 117

He shoved Stellar with all his might. “Colonel Orwell, wake up…” However, Stellar did not wake up despite how hard Henderson shoved him. Thus, Henderson began pinching his mouth. Stellar finally regained consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of a ghost’s hideous face floating above his face. “F*ck off…” Stellar threw a punch at it. However, his fist could not make contact with the black mist. Stellar’s eyes widened as he sat up on the couch. When he turned to look around the mansion, he nearly fainted again when he saw the countless ghostly faces floating around the space. Henderson’s voice trembled, “Colonel Orwell, Nash wants to speak to you!” Stellar finally turned to look at Nash, and his heart began racing when he saw the thirty-six offering bowls and the warden floating mid-air. Nash said, “Stellar, add more corpse oil into the offering bowls…” Several of the offering bowls had already run out of corpse oil. “Where… where is t

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