Chapter 1129

Nash just smiled and did not say a word, which pretty much meant yes. Sienna blinked and said, "Do you still have any of those Elixirs of Youth? I want to get one for my mom!" "Got a few left. Should I grab one from the basement?" Nash got up and headed downstairs. He had about a dozen Elixirs of Youth left from his last batch, which he had planned to give away as presents. Ten minutes later, Nash came back with an elixir for both Melody and Sienna. Sienna batted her eyelashes and said, "Since we're such good friends, can you give me a little discount?" She could not afford one with all her savings put together. Her only hope was getting a friend discount from Nash. Melody's curiosity was piqued. "How much does one cost?" "At the Great Eastern Tower auction, they went for 35 billion!" Sienna exclaimed. "That much?" Melody's eyes nearly popped out of her head. "Everything pricey has its worth, and who wouldn't want to keep looking young?" Sienna was getting ready to call and

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